Monthly Archives: July 2016

Secret Garden

The newborn session did not go exactly as planned, that doesn’t happen often but when it does we try things again until the result is a picture of perfection.
This is the e-mail I got from mom following our second session.
Good morning…these are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I love them….thank you, so much – I feel like these shots truly capture us as a family.
Wow! Your time, expertise and (friendly) willingness to re-shoot us is so appreciated. You will definitely see us again soon!
Have a great summer,
PS, the location was perfect! Such a ‘secret garden’ feel. I adore the shots of S II up front (thanks for the b/w of that one too).

So, needless to say I love my job and all the love from the families I work with!
Time for the pictures…


Flashback to the first session, he was just as sweet and adorable at one week. I love these shots of mom, dad and sweet baby S.


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