Monthly Archives: February 2017

Super Stylish Babe

I can’t resist a 6 month old baby anyway, but dressed like this little guy are you kidding me! He is a heartbreaker. Beautiful family swooning over their perfect little cutie, my favorite type of photo shoot. It doesn’t hurt that he couldn’t run away from me yet. I got a work out this fall chasing toddlers:)





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Flashback to Fall

It seems I spend a lot of time at 1800 N. Dixboro road. Right down the street from my house is a magical place where I take families year round. There are always animals to spot and plants and trees to admire. Sometimes i feel like a tour guide when we are on a photo shoot pointing out what is different from the the last time I was there or encouraging people to visit the greenhouse in the cold grey months. When I have a session with a new family I like to take them there, it is comfortable and familiar to me and allows me focus on getting to know “my people” instead of searching the landscape for the best spots for the photos. Sometimes during the session I find out this is where they had their engagement photos or they were married in the garden! I am always on the look out for new locations for photo sessions, It is an involuntary part of my everyday. Keeping an eye out for a beautiful spot and that beauty comes in many forms not just in nature like you see in this session with mom and dad adoring their beautiful daughter who is still their baby but growing up fast. I am now booking spring of 2017 for all your family photography needs.








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