What to Wear

What To Wear: wardrobe tips for your upcoming portrait session

Before we begin, let me go ahead and mention that this is only a basic guideline to help you figure out your portrait wardrobe. Feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in…and I’m more than happy to offer personalized suggestions at your request! I know that trying to choose the perfect outfit for photos can be superstressful, so I compiled a list of tips + suggestions for you below.

And in case you were wondering – I always encourage outfit changes! You’re welcome to bring extra clothing for mixing and matching outfits. Get creative! Bring your hats, cute shoes, jackets, jewelry, scarves, ties – anything! Have an amazing dress? Bring it!  Unsure about something? Bring that too! I can help you narrow things down at the beginning of the session or you can even email/text us a photo to get a second opinion as you’re raiding your closet. I happy to help!



  • Keep your body type in mind.
  • Stick to fitted clothing. Baggy clothing makes you look larger in photos and well…messy!
  • You can never go wrong with layers.
  • Remember to bring complete outfits. You’d be surprised how many people forget about their shoes!
  • That being said, give your shoes some extra thought. They usually end up being highlighted in a few shots.
  • Make sure your clothing matches the location and season of the session. It’s hard to look warm and happy in the middle of winter if you’re wearing a tank top and sandals.
  • Don’t forget about your fingers and toes! Your nails will probably be making an appearance – so don’t forget to touch them up.
  • Feel free to bring props; toys, books, balloons, blankets, hats, vintage suitcases, “Thank You” or “Save the Date” signs, etc. (And I LOVE dogs!)

Try to avoid:

  • Don’t overdo the patterns, especially small and busy ones. Busy prints take the focus off you and can look a little off in photos.
  • Clothing with logos. Unless you’re wearing your school logo or are an athlete with a huge sponsor, avoid plastering a logo across your chest. You don’t really want your family photos to look like an advertisement for Old Navy, do you?
  • White. (Unless you’re a bride, of course!) If you want the soft, airy feel of white, we recommend wearing pastels instead. They give the look without the harshness of white.


  • Simplicity is best. Dresses or flowy skirts with tank tops or tighter tops that accentuate the belly, etc. Remember that this session is all about that growing bump!


  • Babies, especially newborns, are best in their bare skin. And of course, they also look adorable in hats and blankets. Bring your own and we usually have a few to choose from as well.
  • Diaper covers & cloth diapers are great! Disposable diapers aren’t intended to be stylish.  So having a diaper cover (etsy has some great knit options!) or cute cloth diapers on hand is always a plus!
  • Please remember to dress your baby in loose clothing and un-tighten the diaper an hour before the session to avoid marks* on skin. 


  • Dress your child in something that allows their personality to shine. Cheerful colors, layers, striped leggings, polka dots, stripes, tutus, etc. Let their clothing tell a story!
    (And if they feel most comfortable in their Batman cape or princess dress – feel free to bring it along!) We recommend that you bring an extra outfit or three though since accidents do happen.
  • It’s important that your child feel comfortable in their clothing. You don’t want their discomfort to show in the photos.


  • Think coordinating or complimentary colors (i.e. jewel tones, brown tones, varying shades of the same color, etc). Make sure everyone dresses in the same level too – either dressy or casual. You want to make sure you all have the same ‘feel’ with your outfits. And I always love fun shoes!
  • Please avoid dressing everyone in matching clothing (i.e. jeans and a white or black shirt. In fact, avoid white altogether if you can.)  Perfectly matched outfits are outdated and boring – and we know that’s not you! Wear clothing that shows your personality instead!

Visual Guides:

  • Need a visual guide? see my pinterst board.
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